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Re: [at-l] Where do you feel most spiritual?

Another preacher's kid?! 


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On 9/11/00 at 2:32 PM KC wrote:

>I would say for me it is when I get alone and quiet,,,doesn't really matter
>where I am at the time,,,when I reflect back on my life,,,where I have come
>from,,,how my beliefs in god and Goddess have changed so drastically over
>time. It is like I have taken a 180 degree turn,,,coming from a
>fundamentalist christian family,,my father being the preacher! I am now
>pagan,,,,don't really consider a god or Goddess to be much in the picture
>any longer.,,,,I'm in a phase where I believe I am Goddess,,,where all human
>beings, animals, plants,,,etc are all one of them same "stuff."  Who knows
>this may also change in time.
>I used to have such a hard core set of beliefs,,,,Now,,,I go with the
>flow,,,I live by,,,
>Do as you will and harm none! Everything stems from that!
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>and to disturb the comfortable*
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