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Re: [at-l] PCT vs AT

"Chris Wood" <chrisw@landmarknet.net> wrote:
>>>>from what i understand there has been a very big surge in the amount of
>people doing the pct in 95 and before i think the average was down around 30
>people attemting it and the only hiker box i saw was in stehekin....i
>couldnt see resupplying in
>say mount laguna, warner springs, kennedy meadows(yes you could but it was
>very expensive), reds meadows, tuolumne meadows, sierra city , belden, old
>station burney falls, seiad valley etc unless they have changed alot they
>didnt have much stuff for hikers.........
>anyhow i wont be doing the pct again for awhile next is the cdt sometime

Yeah Hoops it's all the Jardin-ites dropping off all that yucky corn pasta!
Plus yes a lot more hikers this year, I don't know... the boxes were full!

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