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Re: [at-l] Boots - success story

I can attest to the absolute truth of POG's comments on the Hansen's at
Walasi-Yi. A foot fetishist (spelling?) wouldn't have given her nearly
as much choice or attention as she got while seeking the one true boot.
They are truly a gift to all hikers and travelers in the North Georgia

Congrats on getting good boots!


--- KarenS62@aol.com wrote:
> I decided to head up to Walasi-Yi to get a "proper fitting" as
> opposed to the 
> 18 year old clerk at REI (who may be a perfectly good boot fitter,
> but that's 
> not very reliable). After a couple hours of fitting, the pile of
> discarded 
> boots got bigger and bigger and I was starting to get a bit
> frustrated that I 
> was going to live with this blister for another 60 years. (Given that
> my 
> grandmother will be 98 in two weeks, that's not an out-of-the-park
> estimate).
> They finally pulled out a pair of men's Salomon X-Adv in a size 10
> (!).  It 
> was a bit more boot than I was looking for, a lot bigger than my
> usual size, 
> they weigh a ton, but hey, I am always willing to give almost
> anything a try. 
> They fit! An extra pair of liners and suddenly I had boots that
> didn't rub my 
> toe. A miracle in the making! 

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