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[at-l] Re: [HATT] HATT section 1B trail report on website...

Thanks for the definitions, except for one. The "Skank Mobile" is a
truly disgustingly green 1989 Volvo 260GL that my eldest drove and
destroyed while attending UGA. It had been in emmaculate condition
until I gifted it to her. I would never refer to the Most Excellent and
Highly Exalted OrangeBug Mobile in such defamatory words. 

So - take it back and correct that error before I send Guito and the
boys to teach you a lesson.


BTW, I'll send pics either tonight or tomorrow. What address do they go
to? And do you want the detailed report on campsites and water

--- richard mann <hike-usa@email.msn.com> wrote:
> OrangeBug's HATT section 1B trail report on website...
> http://friends.backcountry.net/hatt/at20001b.html
> Since people that do not know our terminology and slang are going to
> be
> reading these reports, I have begun adding "definitions" where
> necessary...

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