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re: [at-l] PCT vs AT

"Chris Wood" wrote:
>sending supplies to ones self but i would not
>recommend doing either on the pct the towns are not really stocked for long distance backpackers

   Actually Chris from some of the big towns its possible and a surprizing amount of "One Horse" stops on the PCT.  Also I found so many of the hiker boxes so full you could resupply from them alone.  I only saw one place "Hyatt Lake" that I couldnt resupply from

>the pct in that aspect if you go out there hoping for another AT you will be
>sadly mistaken but hopefully the solitude and the grandness of the views and
>sites will win you over without the people...

  It wasn't so serene in Northern Cal, Oregon, and WA with logging operations going on right across the trail. At least on the AT they maintain a corridor around the trail where they can't clear cut.

on the animal views i personally so about two dozen bears on
>the pct including chasing one to get my food back.,but thats another story ,
>many more elk and marmots than on the at and lots more mountain lion tracks

  Yeah you have understand I'm used to true wilderness up here in Alaska something you just don't find in the lower 48 anymore not on the AT, PCT, or even the CDT.  Which is why I'll probably never do the CDT.  I see more wildlife  wandering through the streets of Anchorage.

>ps globetrotter last time i saw you i think summer breeze was looking for
>you   see ya 

  Yeah Summers Breeze found someone else on the AT in 98.

All good points Chris have a great hike on the PCT!

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