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[at-l] PCT vs AT

hello all hoops here for my input on the two trails.....

they are both great trails and have good points for all.
I do believe i am biased because i did do the PCT first unlike most who do
the AT first.
I do believe the pct is physically easier but mentally and logistically
tougher than the at, this is not saying the pct is a cake walk either
especially if it is done in a high snow year but the pct was for the most
part built for people and horses and the horses needed a better grade than
the at so if you are going up a mountain instead of going straight up you do
switch backs sometimes very many switch backs "the trail switchbacks
slightly up the ridge, contours southeast across it, then starts the first
of 59 switchbacks down to Vista creek campsite (5830elv)" from the pct guide
book.Anyhow back to the original idea we all know that the AT is a physical
nightmare then you get to the whites :) but we also know the at is covered
with shelters huts towns hostels and trail angels.....the at is frequently
done without tents and sending supplies to ones self but i would not
recommend doing either on the pct the towns you hit if they even have phones
and electricity they are not really stocked for long distance backpackers
and what they do have is rather pricey..(that's not saying that you could
not resupply from some of the towns). another point is the at is allot more
crowded for the person who is very social (globetrotter :) ) would not like
the pct in that aspect if you go out there hoping for another at you will be
sadly mistaken but hopefully the solitude and the grandness of the views and
sites will win you over without the people.....again i must point out that i
am also biased on this point because my wife did hike both trails with me so
i did have a constant companion. I was a little taken aback in the beginning
of the at because of the number of people who were out there knowing there
would be more than the pct but learning to be a little more social than in
normal life.....in summery i really enjoyed both trails but if i would do
another again (after the cdt) i would redo the pct for the sheer awe of the
trail.........on the animal views i personally so about two dozen bears on
the pct including chasing one to get my food back.,but thats another story ,
many more elk and marmots than on the at and lots more mountain lion tracks
but the at beat the pct on deer and moose and of course mice..........

any questions on the two trails feel free to email me and there are pictures
of both trails on our website

hoops and MM

ps globetrotter last time i saw you i think summer breeze was looking for
you   see ya around
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