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Re: [at-l] FIRE!!!


Glad everyone is OK.... As far as the smoke smell, I hear that rolling in 
marshmallows & Grahm Crackers helps... Makes you smell like S'mores...


In a message dated 09/08/2000 12:53:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
pvillen@imap1.asu.edu writes:

<< Well, that was a little too exciting...  I live in an apartment that is
 of masonry construction. I always thought it was quiet, but discovered
 that for real the other morning when I opened my blinds and discovered a
 crane erected outside my dining room window. Where did that come from?!
 I walked by that same window tonight and thought I heard an awful lot of
 excited kids' voices for the hour. I opened the door and faced a wall of
 smoke and a full dispatch from the Tempe fire department. The apartment
 underneath and over was blazing. I made a quick evacuation and stood for
 a few hours on the pavement. They're still blowing out the apartments
 below, but everyone is alright--and that's what really matters. I smell
 like I've been standing in the middle of a campfire, though. Short of
 filling the pool with Febreeze for an industrial-sized dunk, any
 suggestions on how to kill the smoke smell? It's okay on the trail,
 Okay, <Uncle!>, enough already-
 Give Me Chocolate
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