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[at-l] Back on the list from PCT

> Globetrotter  wrote -

> I just think the AT is so much more fun to hike, I really missed the
gathering together at night at some nice shelter and talking with all the
hikers.  On the PCT there is very little gathering together and most nights
you camp alone.  Plus it's so funny that I met so many fellow veteran AT
thru-hikers together that all we did was talk about our time on the AT when
wet met up.  We really drove the PCT'rs nuts with that!

Hey there Globetrotter -

Welcome back.  Really enjoyed your above post on the PCT vs AT.  Hoops and
M&M (PCT '95, AT '97) have spoken about both trails (Hey, Hoops, talk to us
again about the two trails).  Who else?  Let's get a thread going on this.
Inquiring minds want to know...


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