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[at-l] trail work...

>Chainsaw wrote -

>BTW -- If you are v-HATTing the current trail once you started up the
hill toward the shelter, what did you think of the new sidehill and steps
that Pittsy was responsible for?

I actually did a lot of watching other people do wonderful worthwhile trail
work this past May.  The weather was brutally hot and humid, and, for three
days, I was in a constant state of utter fatigue.  I did have the pleasure
of photographing the whole operation.  Chainsaw was a trail workaholic, as
was Jeff Turner (Jeff, you out there?), and the many thru-hikers that
unselfishly gave of their time and effort...

May 4, 5, and 6 (Fri, Sat, Sun) of next year are the tentative dates for
once again helping the Tennessee Eastman Hiking Club (TEHCC) with some trail
work.  The TEHCC maintains the trail from Spivey Gap to Damascus, about 127
miles.  We have been fortunate to have worked in the beautiful Laurel Fork
Gorge the past two years, and to have been housed at the Kincora Hostel at
Dennis Cove, run by Bob and Pat Peoples.  The TEHCC determines location and
type of work, provides the tools, and oversees the whole operation.  In
1999, we worked two days, did general cleanup of the Gorge, built an earthen
ramp up to one of the new bridges, and were supervised by Ed Oliver and Bob
Peoples.  This past year, we worked three days on a badly damaged 0.1 mile
sidehill section of the trail, and were supervised by Ed Oliver, Bill
Stowell, and Bob Peoples...

Photos from both years can be found at:



I will be recruiting for the 2001 work crew later.  If you wish to be
included, now is not to early to let me know, or to ask questions...


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