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--- Paul Nickodem <dharmabum64@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> On the AT it really is such a different trail then the PCT.  Would you
> believe I saw more wildlife on the AT then I saw on the PCT!  Plus the
> trail towns and the AT are just so missed when your on the PCT.  Out there
> most people don't even realize that thru-hikers are out there.
> Thanks for your support.
> Cheers
> Globetrotter

### Personally, I would love to read an in-depth discussion of the current
differences. I have wrestled with a PCT throughhike 4 different times since
my AT throughhike of '79, and like a confused weathervane, I creak west, then
east, then west again. Right now, I'm back to west.

Doing the HATT hike through the Smokies, the Boysenberries and I spent 2
nights with ridgerunner Richard Sheets, an AT'89/PCT'91 throughhiker. He said
that I would not recognize "throughhiking" now... 20-25 persons/night at
shelter sites in the Smokies for a weeks-long period, camping/shelter-ing
alone almost *never* (where for me, it was the rule...). He said the PCT is
much closer now to what the AT was twenty years ago...in population AND in
... "temperment."

I remember sitting on a bench across from the Dairy King in Damascus, and
having some old dude come ambling up and quizzing Dave Perram {broken foot,
from 70lb pack} and I all about the AT/hiking while we ate our cones. I think
he even came out with a "Well, when *I* was your age, we didn't *have*
_______ ..." I don't think that would happen in Damascus today, by George.
The "throughhiking" thang is too well known to hold much mystery "in town."
And from what I've heard, things in towns are *souring* from uppity, surly,
rude hikers thinking themselves bigshots.

So, what are the trails' differences, regarding throughhiking? And are
things.... going too.... much?
Talk to us, Globetrotter.

Ask for what you want;
  Create what you need;
 Go with what you have.

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