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Re: {WADE!}{BOAT!}{WADE!}{BOAT!}Re: [at-l] Kennebec

--- WHHAWKINS@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 09/07/2000 2:39:26 PM EDT,
> goinggoinggone@webtv.net writes:
> << I seem to remember reading somewhere that the
> main hazard of wading the
>  river is that a release of water from the dam can
> raise the water level
>  and current speed so fast that a hiker unlucky
> enough to be out in the
>  middle of the river when the water started rising
> would submerged and
>  swept downstream before having any chance to get to
> either bank. I
>  wonder if ( for those folks who insist on
> wading/gambling ) if
>  felt-soled over-boots would a get a better grip on
> the riverbed? Sounds
>  like this would be a good place to have
> life-jackets for both pack and
>  person, in case you have to ditch the pack and
> swim.
>   >>
> I have been at the Kennebec when water was released
> from the dam up river. It 
> comes up fast and strong!
> The Ferry (canoe) is the Official way across the
> river. There is a white 
> blaze painted on the bottom of the canoe.
> Wildbill

In 1985, we got to the Kennebec crossing a week or two
after Alice Ferrence drowned while attempting the
ford.  There was no ferry that year, and we were very
apprehensive, to say the least!  The register at the
last shelter before the crossing (can't remember the
name) had detailed maps and directions on how and when
to cross for the safest ford.  It turned out to be
fairly easy (whew) but the adrenaline was pumping...

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