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Re: [at-l] Making a tent fly

No problem with Quest in Florida. Never used OWF - I liked Quest's colors
better, ever though they were a bit more expensive. I have never had problem
with seconds, they usually have just cosmetic defects, nothing that affects
usage, and the critters and my fellow trekers don't seem to notice or care ;)

- Gary from Fairfax

Jack & Toni Haefner wrote:

> Have been planning on making a tarp tent as shown in
> http://www.backpacking.net/makegear.html
> I've asked Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics for a materials quote; they happily
> responded.  Am quite interested in their "seconds" on 1.1 oz silicone
> impregnated nylon where I could save almost 50%.  In a world of "you get
> what you pay for," does anyone have any experience in OWF's (or anyone's,
> for that matter) seconds?
> Captain Jack
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