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[at-l] Update F;ight of the Spiriteagle

Hi All -
We're taking a much needed break in Cle Elum, about 30 miles from 
Snoqualamie Pass. Washington has been wet - 12 days in a row of grey skies, 
of which 8 were wet. Lots of fog, off and on drizzle. Typical northwestern 
weather, I guess, but not what we hoped for. The forecast is for rain for 
the next 10 days. Grrrr! At this point, we only expect about 14 more hiking 
days, plus a few days off. We plan to go to the ALDHA-West Gathering at the 
end of the month, so there is no point in finishing too early, so we're 
taking our time. The next section - Alpine Lakes Wilderness, is supposed to 
be beautiful. We are looking forward to it. The last section was mostly 
hidden in cloud. We've only seen Mt. Ranier once, and then it was wreathed 
in clouds. There were miles of clearcuts, off and on. Depressing except for 
the accompanying masses of ripe huckleberries. Jim is suffering from 
Mazama's Revenge, so can only look longingly at the berries that I am 
devouring. The time off is helping, I think, though I'm not sure that ice 
cream is recommended treatment for stomach problems. We probably won't get 
access to a computer until we're done, so wish us well. Hope to see some of 
you at the Gatherings in October. Walk softly,
Jim and Ginny
Spirit Eagle

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