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Re: [at-l] Dutch?


I am French Canadian and Belgian (Brugge) by origin, but I have lived in the Netherlands and Belgium. The double "a" in Chase's version of HATT made me think of
the Dutch language. I decided to go for the joke. I thought it might be a waste, but also wondered if I'd find any Dutch lurkers. (BTW, hoe zeg je <lurker>?)

Geef Me [Drooste] Chocolade

Kajsa van Overbeek wrote:

> Hi,
> As one of the probably very few Dutch subscribers to this list, I'm curious to see comments about the Dutch version of HATT being HAAT and "Geef Me Chocolade".
> Are there by coincidence any other people from Europe on the list? And "Gimme Chocolate", are you by any chance Dutch by origin?
> Bye,
> Kajsa van Overbeek (just another curious cloggy...)
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