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Re: [at-l] I've got an idea how we can HATT HERE!!!

In a message dated 09/02/2000 9:01:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
TeeEmAch@aol.com writes:

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 << -E
  I'll Shake up Joisey, from the DWG to Harriman in NY.
  Love those bears.....
   3-    Hey, put me down for Sages Ravine SB to Harriman, NY, thata way I 
 shake Russ' hand at the end  -E
 ....of course that is waaaay more milage than I could ever manage in reality 
 for a long week-end.....but that's another joy of the virtual hike (besides 
 the grub and the hot tubs or hot tubes, whichever you may prefer), is as a 
 virtual hiker I'm a hiking machine!!!            Tina
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Be glad to shake your hand in Harriman... How's about we meet in the middle 
the Lemon squeezer (I put on too much weight lately to fit through 

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