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Re: [at-l] emergency photo request

-Kennebec River Crossing-

The photos I sent you received
of thru-hikers crossing with ease.
But I am chagrined,
for I chose to swim !
And you say you want to show these?

Now I've forded the Kennebec twice
with my pack on my back (it was nice!)
Since I've gone to the trouble
to have done this thing double
Won't you please then accept my advice?

If you're walking from Georgia to Maine
Through the sun and the snow and the rain
When you get to this river
you won't even quiver
to cross it afoot, like you came!


> Help help.
> Does anyone on the list have a good photo of someone crossing the Kennebec
on the canoe ferry that I could use in Appalachian Trailway News? It would
need to be digitized and emailed to me. It should be a fairly
high-resolution scan (ideally at 300 dpi at 100 percent of the original
photo size) to reproduce well. I'll be happy to credit you in the magazine.
> Robert Rubin

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