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Re: [at-l] how to hang a hammock

Hey GMC--

Good advice on hammock hanging, keeping the attachment points level 
is the key.  You should know that even w/fairly light folks on it, 
the loaded hammock does impose a significant HORIZONTAL strain on 
what ever it's attached to.  The tighter the hammock (for less sag) 
the greater the strain on the supports.  So be careful in attaching 
it to the joists (or rafters) in the floor (or ceiling) above you, 
they really aren't designed to resist any horizontal forces.  If 
possible locate the hook near any blocking (framing that is at right 
angles to the length of the main supports.

Also I'd recommend putting the hook into the upper third of the joist 
(or rafter), definitely not into the bottom edge.  Get one as long as 
the support member is thick and screw it all the way in.  The 
diameter if the material the hook, or eye is made of should be around 
3/8" of an inch.  You may have to drill a small (3/16") pilot hole 
into the wood before screwing in the hardware.  Be cautious when 
first climbing in and watch the connections for any movement before 
you settle in.

Hang in there,

Cosmo (who's daughter is 16 today--yikes!)
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