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[at-l] Thruhikers sighted

Hi all,

I spent a while last week hiking on the Long Trail - quick trip report to
follow - but I ended up at the Inn at the Long Trail on Thursday just in
time for a thruhiker party.  Just lucky timing on my part.  It seems that
this very nice and sweet thruhiker named Brother had decided that the
Northbounders needed a party.  He apparently left messages in registers for
over a week saying that they'd all meet at the Inn on Thursday last week.
Some caught rides back from Hanover, some caught rides up from further
south and many hiked in.  A great time was had by all... after we closed
the bar we all wandered across the street into the woods and had a bonfire
(also arranged by Brother who made sure the site was cleaned up the next
day - very cool).  There were a couple guitars, a bodhran, much singing and
laughter.  Joe the bartender even joined us after a while.  So here is a
(partial) list of the wonderful people that were at the Inn or at that

Brother, Lion King, Datto, Arrow, Moxie, Jester, Flipper, Jolly Rancher,
Ra-ru and Sisu, Firewood, Waterproof, Burly and Gnarly, P-nut, Tarzan and
Calamity Jane, Blue, Triceratops, Cool Hand Luke, Fennel, Walker, Bumblebee
and Papa Smurf, Shortbus, Roar.  I'm sure I missed some.

Another cool thing that happened was that I got to meet Atticus, Mitch, and
Crow who had all hiked in '98 but were either behind or ahead of me so I
never met them.  Had a good time talking with them about '98 too.  The Inn
had it's usual warm, welcoming atmosphere and I gave away most of my
breakfast the next morning because I just don't have the thruhiker appetite

GA>ME '98

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