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Re: [at-l] water filters - purifiers

--- Dave McNeil <pickle73@wwd.net> wrote:
> would like to get the lists opinions on what the best filter or purifier
> as i am geting ready to buy one soon and would like to get some feedback on
> some recommendations?

### (Poor Dave is in a Pickle...)

Dave --
On the AT, and recently the LT, I use the following...

PURIFIER/FILTER: approx. 40 cubic yards diatomaceous activatived soil, 
                 including continuous recharge system (annual version)
                 in "open architecture" configuration.

It's brutally heavy, very old-fashioned, but built to take a lot of abuse.
(Once upon a time, it's what everybody used. Poor attention to competition
smashed the monopoly-hold in the past ten years.)
Also, actual in-pack weight is zero.

As a back-up, I buy a new bottle of Iodine for each trip. (You should see the
collection of un-opened PolarPure I've got....)

Yours in Cheapness and in Light,

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