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[at-l] Need a home for a dog

Since I'm going to try my thru-hike again next year, I once again am
searching for a home for my dog.  She's a Greyhound, former racer, 12
years old and been off track for her last 8.  She's a sweety - just ask
GMC.  When we were at Chocolates last Feb, Kelly immediately tried
crawling, sprawling and snoozing all over GMC's lap.  she sat between us
on the sofa, looked both ways and immediately ditched me in favor of
collapsing on GMC!

She's in a good home right now in Kansas with a prior co-worker of
GMC's, but I Don't think she will be able to stay there.  I'd rather not
move her twice by having her come to Seattle with me and then taking her
somewhere new once again.  Seattle is new to her also and I think it
would be just too much 'newness' for the pooch.  Besides, she's adjusted
to my not being around and I'd rather not mess with that.

So, I'm looking for a good home for her to be in until I finish next
year.   She's a mellow dog, loves to just be around people but isn't
very demanding other than putting her head in your lap when you are
sitting or just standing / laying there and staring at you.  She doesn't
really play - not something she learned in a cage as a youngster - so
she gets a bit confused if you try to play with her other than just
running with her.  She loves that!  She will play by herself with her
toys and it's a hoot to watch that gangly mass of leggs scrabbling
about, but she won't really play interactively with kids.  She does like
kids and is currently sleeping on the lower bunk in young walters room
and reportedly follows him around.

She has a sweet temperment and gets along well with other dogs as long
as they don't jump on her.  That freaks her out as she thinks she's
being attacked - she doesn't recognize it as play behavior due to her
odd upbringing.  Luckily she'd rather run than fight!  She's the biggest
chicken couch potatoe of a dog I've ever had the priviledge of being
owned by!  I've seen her try to cross the street to get away from a
barking dog the size of a mop.  She also doesn't bark unless she's
irked.  I've only heard her bark 3 times in the 8 years I've had her and
all of those times were when another dog - usually a puppy - was bugging
her when she wanted to sleep.  With her big chest, she has a huge deep
bark that sends every small animal within range scrambling for cover
while she settles back into snoozing... and all the humans around say
"That didn't come from HER did it?  She didn't even MOVE!"

She is also not possesive about her food or toys or bed.  She used to
just stand and stare at my roomates shelty sleeping in the middle of her
bed and if it didn't move, she would sigh and just find a different
place to sleep.  The shelty was constantly stealing treats right out of
Kelly's mouth and usually getting away with it.

She is the bestest of companions and a great animal.  Just ask

Anyways - if anyone is interested in having a Greyhound from soonish
until Oct 2001, please let me know.

btw - she does like to hike and actually even stays on the trails.  She
doesn't have an interest in chasing deer or other small creatures.   
Guess she got enough of that already!  She also gets along well with
cats.  She was the only neighborhood dog that they didn't run from and
just ignores cats that are spitting at her.

Paula Anderson
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