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Re: Re: [at-l] emergency photo request

Okey doke . . .

I'm seeking a photo donation
(for purposes of illustration)
depicting the Kennebec crossing
with wave-riding hikers a-tossing
to print in the ATN (Sept)
which might otherwise look most inept.

I need it at high resolution
to provide proper print execution.
(The dpi rez is three hundred,
in case you're among those who wondered.)
With all these criteria met, it
could earn you a new photo credit.

--Rhymin' Worm :)

Pat Villeneuve <pvillen@imap1.asu.edu> wrote:
> Can you do that in rhyme, please?...;->
Give Me Chocolate

rhymworm@mindspring.com wrote:

> Help help.
> Does anyone on the list have a good photo of someone crossing the Kennebec on the canoe ferry that I could use in Appalachian Trailway News? It would need to be digitized and emailed to me. It should be a fairly high-resolution scan (ideally at 300 dpi at 100 percent of the original photo size) to reproduce well. I'll be happy to credit you in the magazine.
> Robert Rubin
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