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[at-l] hanging hammocks

The problem with hammocks in the U.S. is their design.  We make them to be
hung tauntly, and the person is expected to lay in them end to end.  The
Mayans in Central America, who sleep in them as regular beds, have very
large hammocks which are meant to be hung loosely, and in which they lay
almost sideways (the only way to sleep in a hammock level, instead of being
in a "V").  I have about 4-5 of these and love them for lounging around in
the back yard, or sleeping at the campground while car camping.  The trouble
with them is that they are fairly heavy in backpacking terms and all
hammocks take up far more room than a sleeping pad.  They should never be
hung inside a shelter which is relatively full of other hikers.  I would say
they take up 2-3 times the space of a sleeping pad.
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