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[at-l] 7A Handshook

After a HATT handshake with Steve Landis, Michael, Terri and Barbara at
Shippensburg/Arendtsville Rd. We Hiked.

Hi from Slim & Bogey on a wet, wonderful hike through home territory.
Its easier than Maine even in a downpour or two or three.

Friday--Rain, rainy any stormy. 90% humidity
           Heard> a Whip-poor-will

Sat. ---so hot & humid (95%) and it shoulda' rained but it only sprinkled.
         The only drops were sweat running in my eyes.
         as we leap-frogged two days with a youth group from Paoli. Good
         Heard> a barred owl

Sunday---Hot & sticky 90% humidity, perfect PA weather.   For mushrooms!
And other fungi!
       Poured down raining when we hit Bailey Spring, the best water that
side of Seven Valleys, PA. Yum! Double yum!
       Camped 1 mile from Pen-Mar on the north side of the creek which now
was running full.
       Heard> all night long the lulling sound of rushing water.  Ah-h-h-!
Z-z-z-z!  12 hours sleep.

Monday---off as early as the birds to the car we left at a friend's house
down yonder on Old Pen Mar Rd. and then
       for cold sodas and to wait at Pen-Mar Park for Sandpiper to hike by.

Being a Western Maryland RR reunion was at the park we could have yogi-ed
lots of food but thought it best to just keep our stink to ourselves. Then
up comes little Sandpiper, pretty as her name implies, hiking by all the
hustle of the Park.  Boo! Sandpiper!  Its Slim and Bogey, the old farts who
hiked here to meet you!  What a joyous meeting. Kodak moment!  Then up comes
Tom, whoever Tom is.  Surprise!  A late-comer to the Maryland scene is Tom
all dressed in Black.  Pshaww, Shucks, we know he's the Ninja backpacker.
Friendly guy?  Affirmative!  Anyhow we all took off after conversing with
Rolling Stone, a SOBO thru-hiker who just glanced off the Park as we were
leaving.  We drove him nuts as best we could with all our questions and
advice about the A.T.  Oh yeah, its real tough hiking in the Smokies!  Yeah,
right!  He did Maine just a few months ago!  He could easily walk Everest on
his knees after that.  We drove Sandpiper and Tom to Gaithland SP and tried
to grab a meal along the way but I guess everybody believes in that Labor
tradition of not working so we just went hungry.  Bogey & Slim are resting
their tired, old, pruney feet in the air-conditioned comfort of home.
This is our report!  Photos to come.

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