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Re: [at-l] how to hang a hammock

I use these cheepo beeners from home depot and some webbing on my hiking hammock. At home it hangs from the beeners. Hiking I just wrap the webbing around a tree and put the beener on the webbing.  Nice and fast and the beeners are so much easier than knots and so much kinder to trees than nylon rope.

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On 9/4/00 at 3:25 PM Pat Villeneuve wrote:

>[slightly off topic, but I know somebody on the list will be able to
>answer this...]
>I bought a nice mesh hammock when I was in Mexico. Double wide, no
>spreader bars. It has a thick, soft loop on either end for hanging. I
>would like to hang it on my balcony (although I am going to need to get
>a ladder or some help to sink the hooks). One hook can go on the post
>that supports the overhang. The other will have to go into one of the
>beams of the overhang, wa-ay over my head and too high to hang the
>hammock directly. I'm thinking I'm going to need some sort of "extender"
>between the hook and hammock, at least on the high end. I'd like the
>hammock to hang securely, of course, but I'd also like the flexibility
>to take it down. I had thought perhaps of chain and carabiners, but am
>unsure if that's a good way to go. Any other suggestions?
>Thanks much-
>Give Me Chocolate
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