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Re: [at-l] Making a tent fly

At 04:09 PM 9/4/00 -0400, you wrote:
>OK, so whats an "interlock" sewing machine???

LOL....you guys are soon gonna think that I'm lying 'bout all these jobs I 
used to have but..
As a formerly card carrying member of the ILGWU......an overlock machine 
has more than one
needle like 2,3,5, which work in concert to both seam and bind the cut 
edges of the fabric
in one operation.  Look at the seams of your tee shirt....an overlock 
machine did that.
Mostly used on knit edges to keep them from unraveling.  If silnylon is as 
tricky to sew
as I've heard, setting the tension must me a bear on an overlock machine.

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