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[at-l] how to hang a hammock

[slightly off topic, but I know somebody on the list will be able to
answer this...]
I bought a nice mesh hammock when I was in Mexico. Double wide, no
spreader bars. It has a thick, soft loop on either end for hanging. I
would like to hang it on my balcony (although I am going to need to get
a ladder or some help to sink the hooks). One hook can go on the post
that supports the overhang. The other will have to go into one of the
beams of the overhang, wa-ay over my head and too high to hang the
hammock directly. I'm thinking I'm going to need some sort of "extender"
between the hook and hammock, at least on the high end. I'd like the
hammock to hang securely, of course, but I'd also like the flexibility
to take it down. I had thought perhaps of chain and carabiners, but am
unsure if that's a good way to go. Any other suggestions?

Thanks much-
Give Me Chocolate

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