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Re: [at-l] Medical Advice: Karl, Richard, and other medical types

Well, you will have to wait and find out. I think you should stop your
training or run the risk of renal damage from further muscle injury.
Stay hydrated (not just the Gatorade thread), and rest your body. I am
certain this is not just from your July 8 run, but is a more recent or
persistant injury. 

In any case, err on the side or caution until you know more from your
real world doctor.


--- david horton <runhorton@juno.com> wrote:
> Today he
> got back the CPK results and my level was 6180,   20 times the normal
> value.   He did not get back the hepatitis profile and may get it
> back
> tomorrow or it may be Tuesday before it comes back.  Based on these
> tests
> he does not think it is Hepatitis.   He indicated that the very high
> values indicate muscle damage.  
> That is the way it feels.
> My question.  What do I do now???  How serious is this???   How
> concerned
> should I be???  I have picked up my training in preparation for the
> Ark
> 100 Miler on October  7.  It has felt horrible.

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