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[at-l] Section 10C

I greeted a total of 101 hikers and 10 dogs along the AT/LT as I hiked south 
from Rte 103 to Mad Tom Notch with the majority along the Griffith Lake area. 
Why does everyone hike north?  Is the magnetic pull of the north pole? 

Friday: It was a very muggy and hot day, summer finally arrived in Vermont on 
September 1st.  After leaving ORR, Ben and Micah at the Mill River suspension 
bridge, I met up with two NB thru hikers at Minerva Hinchey Shelter, no trail 
names, but I'd christen one Grumpy and one Cordial. As I passed through 
Patch's Hollow I looked for the old homestead foundations hidden by chest 
high weeds.  Did you know a man was murdered in Patch's Hollow in the early 
part of the 19th century?  To the west of the summit of Bear Mtn I greeted 
Frustrated Irishman and his buddy Pat, and then a group of backpackers from 
Spring Lake Ranch out on a therapy hike.  Shortly thereafter I met Lolo and 
trail dog Fritz.  On to the parkinglot and home for the evening.

Saturday: I suggested and Cobweb agreed upon meeting on Sunday at Mad Tom 
Notch.  I changed my plan of doing the HATT section as day hikes and packed 
up the Exocet for an overnighter.  It was a sunny and less humid day. Saw 
tons of day hikers around Little Rock Pond and several dogs.  One UGLY 
rottweiler had me frozen in my tracks as I waited for its UGLY owner to call 
it off and take control of the snarling dog.  Along the way I met northbound 
thru hikers Pushma, Pullya of VA and Bearclaw from MI.  I arrived at Lost 
Pond Shelter at 3:30pm and heard thunder in the distance.  I decided to stay 
at the shelter.  It started to rain around 5.  Around 8, NB thru hikers 
Animal and Blueberry showed up. They had climbed Baker Peak during the height 
of the storm, Yeehaw.  It was a peaceful night listening to the rain on the 
shelter roof.  

Sunday: A misty morning and sunny afternoon.  Tons of campers around Griffith 
Lake, "Step Upon the Bridge of Rocks, Keeps the Water from my Socks."  Found 
a lady's indiglo watch with a broken wrist band in front of Peru Peak 
Shelter.  On Peru Peak I met up with 3 backpackers, one was the owner of the 
watch. There was a garter snake in a fir tree at the open ledge on Style's 
Peak (pictures to follow).  I reached Mad Tom Notch and greeted Cobweb for 
the final handshake.

It was a great weekend.  Looking forward to next year's HATT. Yes, I have 

HATT '00
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