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Re: [at-l] Making a tent fly

> ...What are your thoughts (and others) about  my removing the zipper on the
> fly
> and replacing that heavy inexpensive  zipper with velcro as you say you use
> it on the tent flaps?  ...

Make sure you have enough fabric left to sew the velcro to. Remember, the velcro
has to overlap itself, unlike a zipper. When you pin it, expect to ruin a lot of
pins, it's thick and hard to work with. You are suppose to hand baste and hand
sew, but I was too lazy and pinned. I also machine final-sewed the velcro, which
my machine did not much like, but Oh Well.

The weight savings was significant.

> The tent entrance zipper is heavy, too, but I do not know if I could make
> the Velcro keep the bugs out during the night.

Velcro is quite bug proof, if you are careful to seal it tightly each night. It
does tend to stick to itself when you don't want it to. I used 5/8 or 1/2,
narrowest I could find, and white to make it easy to see at night.

- Gary from Fairfax

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