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Re: [at-l] Making a tent fly

> >Use GE Silicon II thinned 50% with mineral spirits to seam seal. Use your
> finger to apply ;) - rub in well. <
> Can you use this on all tarp materials?

No, only on silicon coated materials. Not on urethane coated.

> Does it work as well as Seam Gripand Silnet?

Never used them. But Seam Grip is for urethane coated, nor silicon. I think
Silnet is just silicon and thinner. At $5.95 for 1.5 oz, not cheap.

> How long does this mixture last before you need to reseal?

Forever, I think. It's what is sprayed on the SCN in the first place. Don't
get it too thick, it will add to the weight of your project. I mix it in one
of those squeeze containers you use for mustard or catsup at picnics. You have
to add more thinner daily. When it dries, if you got it on thin, you can't
tell where you applied it. If.

> This is a great money saver compared to the name brand sealers if it works
> as well.  Thanks.
>     "Bleeder Guy"

Got the idea from Kurt, then Quest told me the same thing when I asked how to
seal SCN.

- Gary from Fairfax, working on a trip report from his southern Rockies trip

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