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[at-l] Re: water filters purifiers

This is a never ending topic of discussion.

I've been happy with my PUR Hiker. It's a filter. I don really think a 
purifier is needed for most places here in the States. I also sometimes 
use a gravity-based filtering system using a Safe  Anywhere inline 
filter. This filter is place betwen a dirtywater bag and clean water bag. 
The dirty water bag is hung above the clean water and you just let 
gravity do the work.  It does take longer to filter this way, but not 
terribly much so as long as your filter is owrking (i've had some 
problems in the past). The big advantage with this setup is that it's 
very light. The whole thing probably only weighs six ouncest includes the 
filter, water bags (i.e., platy bladders), and tubing. Another option 
which I've not tried but other have and like is using something like the 
Safe Water Anywhere filter bottle (say a 0.5L one) and just re-fill it 
when it is empty from a dirty water bladder you're carrying). The bottle 
weighs about six ounces as I recall. Finally, I have used Potable Aqua 
and it is fine as long as you wait the necessary time. Granted Potable 
Aqua, and other chemical treatments, don't remove things from the water, 
but you can count on things being dead. Other chemical treatments that 
people like include AquaMira which some people suggest is better than 
Potable Aqua and other iodine based treatments since it gets into films 
more effectively.

For a short hike I'm going on soon I'll use the SWA gravity system and 
carry, as I always do, some Potable Aqua as backup. I'm not sure what my 
next long distance (really long) hike filter choice will be. The SWA 
filter bottle approach has appeal.

  ** Ken **

On 9/2/2000 9:44 PM Dave McNeil pickle73@wwd.net wrote:

>would like to get the lists opinions on what the best filter or purifier is,
>as i am geting ready to buy one soon and would like to get some feedback on
>some recommendations?

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