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Re: [at-l] water filters - purifiers

Dave McNeil wrote:
> would like to get the lists opinions on what the best filter or purifier is,
> as i am geting ready to buy one soon and would like to get some feedback on
> some recommendations?
> thanks
> dave
> pickle73@wwd.net

Don't know about 'best', but I've been using a Pur Hiker.  Its worked
pretty well once I was re-taught how to care for it in the field by
cleaning it out and using the silicon gel once a month.  Seemed to pump
faster than some of the others out there this year, bit fussier than
others.  Still plan to carry it, any probs it had weren't much of a
problem.  I think the MSR was lighter, but pumped much slower ( less
volume per pump).  not an issue on a nice day, but when its freezing
cold with a wind, you don't wanna be hanging out by that stream any
longer than you have to!

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