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[at-l] eHATT...

My goodness, there are an awful lot of virtual HATTers out there in AT-L
land.  Why not plan on being "real" HATTers next year!  Mark your calendars
for Labor Day weekend 2001.  After testing the HATT waters (and making tons
of mistakes) this year, the tentative plan for next year is a full-blown
fundraiser to benefit the ATC, the trail clubs, and ALDHA - maybe some other
organizations as well.  Of course, this would be a bold venture, and will
require lots and lots of time and effort by a great deal of dedicated

The HATT website (http://friends.backcountry.net/hatt/) will be modified
shortly in order to accept the journals and photographs from all of the
participants.  And, hopefully some trail information will also finds its way
to the AT-Online website (http://www.at-online.org)...

HATTdaddy Pittsburgh - who started a new job yesterday and is not hiking the
HATT hike!!!

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