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[at-l] Training Run on the A.T.

I know I probable should be resting but it is Sat. and I HAVE to ( NEED )
be in the mountains.   Courtney Campbell, Mike Sandlin, Larry Haak, James
Pannebecker, and I ran from 501/130  just south of the James River bridge
in VA; south on the A.T. towards Pettites Gap.  Some runners went on to
Thunder Ridge Overlook and Thunder Ridge Shelter. 

On the way up there were flood warnings and it poured rain as we were
driving to the start.  In fact, we had to stop once while someone cleared
a tree out of the road.

The streams were a rushing torrent  and at times the trail was a stream. 
It was foggy at first but as we gain elevation the fog cleared.  When we
got up on the ridge the view was spectacular as the fog was low along the
river with the mountain peaks pushing up out of the fog.  I wish I had a

We met two hikers, Feather and Dreamcatcher, who were hiking from
Parker's Gap Road to 501 or maybe it was the Tye River.  They were a part
of the HATT.

On the way back, we went from Matts Creek on the new A.T. when the bridge
opens back to 501.   The trail in this section is beautiful.  You could
have whitewater canoed down Matts Creek.  We stopped by and saw the new
pillars for the Bridge they are going to build across the James River. 
The bridge shoud be spectacular when it is finished.

The dedication of the bridge is set for October 14, 2000.

By the way, Courtney never stopped talking and one runner wanted to pull
a Muffy but could not????????

In Christ
David Horton
The Runner    ( once upon a time )
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