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Re: [at-l] Making a tent fly

I can probably help you with this, Cheerio, if you can wait 'till Sunday
afternoon or later. And, BTW, I have the tent. One suggestion while you're
still in the planning stages. If you're thinking of this as a solo tent and
want the lighter fly for solo backpacking weight purposes, consider
designing a new fly with only one vestibule. That should save you some
weight (less fabric, zippers/Velcro, stakes).

Let me know later this weekend.
Give Me Chocolate

Paula wrote:

> OK..  I'm hitting a big project here.  I bought a new tent the other day
> while I was in hot springs.  I really liked it, and the price was only a
> whopping $89.00.  It weighs more than I would like (3 & 14 oz) and most
> of that appears to be the fly.  The tent itself is mostly mesh on the
> top & sides and it uses only 1 pole.  So, I'm thinking of making a new
> one in a lighter material.  Also, the guys at the store thought the
> stakes were included in that weight, so if I get lighter ones that will
> help, plus ditch the gear hammock etc.
> Its a Peak 1 Cobra tent.  The fly is pretty simple, no tubes or
> anything, the hard part will be the 2 vestibules on each side.  It
> pretty much just lays over the tent and clips down at the ends then has
> some extra stakes.
> I've never even attempted somthing like this and am not known for my
> sewing abilities, but with those Silnylon fabric links, I'm gonna give
> it a try and wanted to run some ideas past those who have made lots of
> their own gear or just other stuff.
> I'm thinking of laying out the existing fly and cutting some type of
> pattern pieces from it using newspaper.
>   Question 1:  How much seam allowance to I leave at the joints?
>            2:  How much allowance should I leave for the "doors" in the
> vestibules where there are zippers?  this is hard as Im thinking of
> replacing the zippers w/ velcro here for more savings.  The tents mesh
> doors have zippers and thats enough zipping.  I know I will need to have
> some type of storm flapping over these velcro sealed openings and don't
> really know how to go about planning for that ...
> Any tricks anyone can pass along about these types of seams and using
> these types of fabrics would be loverly.  I'm thinking of a test one
> first w/ some cheap fabric to make mistakes on.  What do you recommend
> that would  behave similarly but be really cheap?
> Thanks!
> Cheerio
> GA-VA 2000
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> Paula Anderson
> getting ready for 2001 season!
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