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Re: [at-l] Time moves forward

What I want to know is, when they say "Stardate 4739.1" on StarTrek, what in blazes are they talking about. Back in high school (yes, they had TV then), one of my more geeky friends (and that's saying a lot) explained it all to me, but it didn't stick. Who knows on this list?

(startdate 040879.5, perhaps)

>>> "David Addleton" <dfaddleton@mindspring.com> 03/30/00 08:47AM >>>
We have the Babylonians to thank for the 360 degrees in the circle, and the
division of the clock into 12/24 hours ... and the 60 seconds in a minute
and the 60 minutes in an hour.  They were task masters and paid their
workers in beer. I don't know if the beer had anything to do with it. But no
one has successfully messed with the system since. 

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