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[at-l] Shelters along the Appalachian Trails

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Thanks for the responses.  Any other comments that you have would be greatly appreciated.  In my first message, I was unclear about the word rejuvenation.  The shelter to be built is to act as a shelter that you would come to every 7 to 10 days.  it would be more substantial than a regular shelter.  it would act as a sanctuary, to take your mind off of the hike.  it would be like a tall drink of water, in the heat of a desert.  Every response that i recieved will be used to create a better shelter for the trail.  Also, please tell others about this, if you can help to create better resting areas, there may be a possiblilty of building some in the near future.  Again, thank all of those who responded, you are a great help to myself and this project.  More comments would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jared Grellner

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