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[at-l] Paula's thru, part 3 -- "Call me Cheerio"

(just passing this fun stuff along..cheers, Navigator)

Hello Everyone,

I'm in Hiawassee still.  Stayed another day, didn't plan to, but its turned 
out well.

Still having foot trouble.  Got off the trail @ Unicoi Gap to go buy boots 
and got a ride from 2 great Trail Angels from Atlanta - Tami & Casey.  Not 
only did they give me a much needed ride, but kept me company and bought a 
huge portion of my dinner when I meant to buy THEM drinks as thanks.  We had 
a fun evening and I wish them fun on their upcoming trip to Greece.

Probably my most memorable trail day since leaving Neels was the 24th when I 
camped @ Poplar Stamp / Stomp ( we dont know which it is.. )  It was a great 
hiking day full of good people and laughs, not to mention our first trail 
angels @ Hogpen Gap!  ( Apples, Cookies, Sodas etc... yummmm)  I did my 8 
miles although my old boots were killing me.  A friend told me the next day 
that I had looked like a whipped puppy, and I think I felt like one too.  I 
ran into Galloping Gourmet whom I had met @ the Ruck, also finally met Rick 
from AT-L, and once again found a couple I've been hiking with on & off since 
my first day.  And I got my trail name!  A nice group was camped @ the Stomp, 
including list buddy, Mossy Old Troll ( Rick B.).  We had a fire and it was a 
nice evening.  Later, I'm laying in my bag, looking out at a full moon, 
bright stars and thinking it had been a great day when suddenly I hear 
hauntingly beautiful flute music wafting thru camp with the breeze.  Mossy 
Old Troll was serranading us to sleep from his campsite down the trail.  All 
rustling thru camp stopped as everyone stilled to listen.  It was the last 
thing I remember hearing that nite and a magical end to a good day.  It 
really was the perfect AT day if I ignore my foot problem!

The next am we found this taped to a tree and our Troll was gone.

The Poplar Stamp Stomp

Got blisters on your blisters
Dehydrations got your tongue
with all them little ups & downs
you'd like another lung

sometimes its a struggle
sometimes its a romp
put your feet out one by one
and do the Poplar Stamp Stomp

They've tagged you with a trailname
that you really cant stand
and the prospect of more oatmeal
is tasting rather bland


when the sun shines, its a burner
but you ain't carryin no ice
when the rain comes down, you offer up
your food to the shelter mice


but misery loves company
we think we're having fun
and proud to tell the world
that we are 2% done!

come on now - boogie on down
do the Poplar Stamp Stomp

by Mossy Old Troll ( Rick B.)

Anyways, after that I hiked down and got my ride inti Helen where I went back 
to Walasi for new boots.  I've been wearing them ever since.  the blisters 
are healed, but I'm still real sore on the ball of my foot and thr achilles 
is getting stiff & sore, hence my long stay here.

The hike into Hiawassee was good and I had my first day of hiking in the 
rain.  At first I thought it was kinda fun then it got old and on the ridges 
the wind was blowin cold and I got miserable. I got lucky in the afternoon as 
there was a small clearing just when i spotted a flat spot big enough for my 
tent.  I dont think I've ever put it up faster!  Just as I finshed, the wind 
came back with rain & I threw in my pack with me after it.  spent rest of the 
afernoon sitting in there in my camp chair, wearing my dry clothes with my 
bag as blanket.  Surprisingly enough, only 2 people passed mr that afternoon 
and only 3 the next day into here.  Guess everyone holed up.  Out of space, 
so gotta go.  Off to Franklin tm. 

Paula A
Cheerio  GA-ME 2000
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