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[at-l] Gary & Millie Buffington- Hiking App. Trail

Gary Buffington ( inventor of Conquest replacement drink and long time
ultra-runner ) and his wife Millie, started at Springer Mtn. in Georgia
on March 15 in their quest to hike the Appalachian Trail from the
southern terminus to the northern terminus at Mt. Katahdin in Maine.  

I dropped them off and hiked with them the first two days.  We have some
pictures of them from those two days on our website (
http://davidhorton.simplenet.com ) 

You can also see other pictures and read their journal from their website
 ( http://www.1800wesweat.com )

If you get a chance drop them a card at one of their maildrops or
surprise them on the trail if you are near where they will be .

In Christ
David Horton

P.S.   The BIG race this weekend-----  Barkley Marathons   
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