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[at-l] BJ will be at Springer about 4/2

FYI: this came from http://hobocentral.com site, the shelter register

Headin out with Baltimore Jack
Posted by blister sister, mailto:blistersister@juno.com,  on March 28, 19100 
at 09:10:53:

Stopped in at the Hobo site and it is looking wonderful. I am gearing up to 
leave in 3 days for Georgia - Baltimore Jack should be showing up at the 
house with Yahoola in a day or two so he can get a ride down with me. We 
should be at the trail head by the 2nd of April. I saw Rainman last night 
for a going away dinner of Prime Rib - I have promised to live up to the 
do-badders with style. The do-badders came acout in 1996 as a Pacific Crest 
Trail version of the AT's Blue blazers. Let the games begin - see ya'll at 
trail daze!

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