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Re: [at-l] reading

For excellent reading whilst hiking, climbing, etc., consider the
publication list  of "Pocket Classics" from Shambhala Publications, Inc.,
Horticultural Hall, 300  Massachusetts Avenue, boston, Massachusetts 02115;
http://www.shambhala.com .

These are small volumes, weighing mere ounces, making them easy to bring
with you.

Although heavy on East Asian classics, the publication list includes
Thoreau, Whitman, and other American writers, and some European writers as

Have you ever read Borges? Lorca?

I'd stay away from carrying some books in Equador and Peru, however; namely,
anything remotely resembling material in which Shinning Path and other
Marxists may have an interest ... [LOL]

Ever watch the movie Aguirre: the Wrath of God?

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