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Re: [at-l] What I Do (was Life with Earthworm)

In 1992 my husband and I rode from San Diego to Yorktown Virg. We each rode the
bike about 80 miles a day and each drove the van the same distance. It was a
sun up to sundown experience with a day off to hike down into the Grand Canyon
and a great way to see the country, like hiking you really soak up the scenery
and meet great people along the way. We did it to celebrate my husband's 50'th
Birthday and on a mountain top in Kentucky we met a fellow from California
changing a flat tire who had come East to ride West for the same reason. My
dream bike trip would be from Southern Colorado riding North thru National
Parks up into the Canadian Rockies - we did ride from Banff to Jasper Alberta
when we went up to my nephew's wedding in '89 which was at the end of my
section hike that year from Sugar Grove. Va to Waynesboro Va. That is a
spectacular ride. I am running behind on this E Mail as I spent the weekend
camping, fishing and snorkeling in the Keys and feasted on fresh caught Spanish
Mackerel. A weekend spent with our boys their wives and Grandson.
                                                        Triathlon Grandma

Delita *drae* Wright wrote:

> >Delita!! Keywest to Seattle!! I've dreamed of this as one of 3 things I'd
> >like to do, 3 big adventures. When I was in grade school I hated reading.
> >No, I hated school but that's another story. Anyway, I was give a book to
> >read......which I didn't. But! I browsed through it mostly looking at the
> >picture. One I will always recall. It was the author, standing astride
> >his bike in Seattle. You guessed it, he had just finished a ride from Key
> >West, in 1946.   Hopeful
> Yikes!  You mean this isn't original???
> Okay, 2006, all of us - having long since hiked the AT once or twice - will
> gather with our volunteer sag wagon in Key West and head for Seattle...
> Delita
> Delita Wright
> Future AT Thruhiker
> Chapel Hill, NC, USA
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