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Re: [at-l] Notes at Shelters

It's my policy to keep written policies to a minimum.

I do try not to nail them to trees, tho.

>From: "Coosa" <coosa@fox21.net>
>To: "AT - L" <at-l@backcountry.net>
>Subject: [at-l] Notes at Shelters
>Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:48:30 -0500
>I've just been told by the local trail mantaining club president (a club to
>which I no longer belong) that it is a policy to keep 'signs' to a minimum
>at shelters.  I left a couple of computer generated notes at Springer and a
>couple of other shelters. One was about http://www.enota.com (Enota
>Campground which is an early exit between Low Gap and Blue Mountain in
>emergency) and the others a caution note about an old man who tries to pick
>up backpackers  at Dick's Creek Gap and shuttle them to Hiawassee (he's not
>supposed to be driving due to a broken him, let alone his poor eyesight and
>driving which place himself and others at risk).
>And of course, let's see, I clean out the shelters I can get to, cart off
>trash, litter, left clothing, bottles, cans, and other assorted stuff/junk.
>I also leave paperback books at some of the shelters for hikers.  And decks
>of cards, jacks, pickup sticks, extra pens in the journal ziplocs.
>And give away cookies and carrots (but not at the same time).
>Does anyone know of a WRITTEN policy about leaving notes (not tacked up
>signs, just notes in ziplocs or plastic in the journal baggie) at shelters
>on the AT?   AND if not, can someone give me a phone number of someone to
>call to ask about leaving signs for Thrus and others -- if it's okay to 
>a journal, and if it's okay for Rusty to leave a stack of business cards --
>why am I being told it's a "policy" not to have "too many" signs at
>shelters.  How does a colorful computer-generated note left in a ziploc
>become a "sign"?
>Thank you for your input,
>Howling at the Wind Wolf
>Trail Angel, Flatwater Kayaker, AT Section Hiker, and Nana!
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