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[at-l] Notes at Shelters

I've just been told by the local trail mantaining club president (a club to
which I no longer belong) that it is a policy to keep 'signs' to a minimum
at shelters.  I left a couple of computer generated notes at Springer and a
couple of other shelters. One was about http://www.enota.com (Enota
Campground which is an early exit between Low Gap and Blue Mountain in
emergency) and the others a caution note about an old man who tries to pick
up backpackers  at Dick's Creek Gap and shuttle them to Hiawassee (he's not
supposed to be driving due to a broken him, let alone his poor eyesight and
driving which place himself and others at risk).

And of course, let's see, I clean out the shelters I can get to, cart off
trash, litter, left clothing, bottles, cans, and other assorted stuff/junk.
I also leave paperback books at some of the shelters for hikers.  And decks
of cards, jacks, pickup sticks, extra pens in the journal ziplocs.

And give away cookies and carrots (but not at the same time).

Does anyone know of a WRITTEN policy about leaving notes (not tacked up
signs, just notes in ziplocs or plastic in the journal baggie) at shelters
on the AT?   AND if not, can someone give me a phone number of someone to
call to ask about leaving signs for Thrus and others -- if it's okay to have
a journal, and if it's okay for Rusty to leave a stack of business cards --
why am I being told it's a "policy" not to have "too many" signs at
shelters.  How does a colorful computer-generated note left in a ziploc
become a "sign"?

Thank you for your input,
Howling at the Wind Wolf
Trail Angel, Flatwater Kayaker, AT Section Hiker, and Nana!

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