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Re: [at-l] New Uses for Used Stuff---

Yeah! Yeah!

>>> "Leslie Booher" <lwbooher@evansville.net> 03/27/00 08:46PM >>>
Instead of using fancy, expensive dishes, I carry an almost weightless bowl
that came from Burger King or some such and features Teddy Ruxpin.  
### I used something similar on the middle 600 miles of the AT, till I got too lazy to wash it. Had it for a while, though!

And my plate came from an old micro-wave diet meal.  They don't even put them on plastic plates anymore.  I forget the brand.  Leslie
### I use something similar every day, with the daily burrito (I've had the same kind of lunch for (hmmm.) 15 years now. Had these plastic microwave dohickeys since 1987. Counting vacation days and the occasional lunch out, that's probably 2,704.628 lunch servings from a "disposable" item. Cool.

Have just a recyclable day,

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