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Re: [at-l] Hell-loooooo

Thanks for the reassurances about out listmates (or whatever they are) :)

Myron Avery used to have a bicycle-wheel dealie you might borrow for that 
measuring -- but the folks who hike it after you've measured it won't have 
one with them so ...

"Are we there yet, Jane?"
"Does it LOOK like where there yet, Jane?!"
"I'm tired; I wish we were there already."
"Quit whining, I've got enough to do just breathing."
"How long has it been?  If I'm hiking 2mph and it was supposed to be .6 
miles how far would I be now?"
"You KNOW I never hike 2mph."
"Well, so what's 1.7mph times .6 miles?  or am I supposed to divide?"

Don't mind me, I've just been reading Felix' poetry.  And dreaming about the 
trail.  Let's see:  March 28 to July 15 -- that's, um 279 days 'til New 
Years minus 167 days til New Years:  112 days!  Pretty close to forever 
before I can hike.  Mays well work.  Lovely chatting with you as usual.  
What the hell do you look like dear?

>From: DaRedhead@aol.com
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>Subject: Re: [at-l] Hell-loooooo
>Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 22:02:15 EST
>In a message dated 3/27/00 6:55:15 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>cora_drake@hotmail.com writes:
><< Help an observer along, here -- this entire thread is trail-related
>  whatever it is you're talking about is all edible, right?  jpj >>
>It's trail related because we're hiker's - doesn't matter what we're 
>about LOL.  I'm not sure WHAT they're talking about, though, really . . . I
>had nothing to do with any of it.  I swear.  Really.  <vbg>  But to make 
>Trail related . . . anyone ever notice that the the road off of usfs 230, 
>turn off of state route 107, towards Cherry Gap that the guide book says is
>point six miles is a wee bit farther than that?  I need something that I 
>take with me to measure the darn thing.  Where can I get whatever I need?
>The Redhead
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