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Re: [at-l] Hell-loooooo

DaRedhead@aol.com wrote:

>  anyone ever notice that the the road off of usfs 230, in
> turn off of state route 107, towards Cherry Gap that the guide book says is
> point six miles is a wee bit farther than that?  I need something that I can
> take with me to measure the darn thing.  Where can I get whatever I need?

K-Mart sells very light weight, six inch plastic rules for under a buck. One mile
equals 10,560 six inch rulers. It would  be cheaper and more practical to just
buy one and keep flipping it end over end until you get where you want to go. Who
knows what you'd do with over 10,000 6" rulers after your done. You'd probably
have to visit way too many K-Marts to find 10,560 rulers anyway. Good luck and
don't wear your good pants. You're probably going to wear the knees out on this


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