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[at-l] beATnik all

Stone in my boot
Pain in my back
Black fly on my knee

Shelter's wet, doghair
Mouse on my food bag

Privy, go left
Water downhill, and back
No register

Dog barks twice
Noodles are hard
Did I turn off the iron

Look at that tree
No, wait
Its a post
Why are my socks wet?

Stubbed my toe
I should wear boots
Highway sounds approaching
Right on by

Kicked my favorite pan
I should wear boots
What is that smell?
Why am I itching?

Can't reach that nail
Hear that ringing?
Highways don't make sounds
I gotta go

Feel my heart beat
Must be alive
That can't be bad

I should wear boots

Staring at the Sun
Chewing gum
Tree creaks

Soot on my hands
Sirens scream
Sleep in my eye
Neck's gotta kink

Add Milk?
No broom
Rat Patrol!
Ziggy Stardust

Overlook ahead
Can't see
Retinas burnt
Where are those boots

Picnic table
Carvin' my initials
Dirt in my coffee
Tastes the same

Dropped my spoon
Wait, thats not mine
My boots are...?

Waterbag leaks
What are Vienna Sausages?
Band-aids suck
Sam was here

Comb my hair
Comb my hair
Where are my boots?
Highways don't make sounds

"You going skiing?"
"Whats yer pack weigh?"
"You gotta henway?"
Socks are slipping

"Foot Travel Only"
Skinless feet

Snicker in my pocket
Snicker in my ear
What's so funny?
What's a henway?

I need to wear boots
Stubbed my toe
Quarters jingle
About 2 pounds

Shelter is musty,
Paperback in the corner
Dog-hair tumbleweeds
Swirling in the breeze

Rooster crows from afar
Leave me to my sleep, please
My back is stiff
Where's my lighter

Stench, stench
Someone snores
I'm alone
I'm turgid.

Ever use flint?
What is hominy?
I should start wearing boots.
Delete me?

Spider on the wall

hyena howls
chuckle inside

Peak1 glowing red
Water's a boil
mouse scurries by
mosquito buzz

Take the cheese
Take the cheese

"This is not a step"
I should wear boots
Why the frown?
Where's the MSG?

Tin roof rattles
Coat on a nail
What's a Gideon?
About that iron...

Macaroni on my mess kit
Dried and hard
glasses fogged over
mufflerless truck passes

I got the mojo

Wax on the floor
spider walking by
Out of coffee
Out of coffee

Catbirds sit??
Hummingbirds walk??
Where are my boots?
I lost my dictionary

How do I eat this?

Whose Ziplock?
Sidetrail too long
Blazed in blue

The circumstance
Within my pants
By happenstance
is abstinence

So I took a chance
At a local dance
With a girl named Nance
She took a stance

Now in a trance
I walk the spanse
To the big old Manse
Of one of my aunts

I should wear boots

Stove flare-up
Foodbag spinning
"You said what?"

Gaitors are muddy
Ramens suck
No horses
Tree squeeks

Steaming socks
Hole in my shirt
I should wear boots

More miles today
More climbing
Less views
Is that rain?

This pear

I should wear boots

Chiquita sticker
Spaghetti not done

Knot in my boot lace
But, it isn't lace
Not a string
Knot a string

Boot is gone

Why is that there?
Whose is it?
Kick it.

Thyme is money
Thyme and thyme again
Too much thyme on my hams
Makes them taste funny.

Oh, I didn't know she was a nun.

Low overhang
Oh, headbang
"Yo, Our Gang"
No food, dang

Bottle of Scotch
Tucked in my crotch
I like to watch
Gyrls hike the "Notch"

Eating in my sleeping bag
My shirt is an old rag
My wife was an old hag
I didn't get to meet Mag.

Thought I heard a hedgehog
Fell on a slick log
Tumbled in to a big bog
Where are my boots?

I like gaitors
Strapped to my legs
Got ashes in my coffee
Got ashes in my coffee

Annie Graham
Auntie? Gram?
Anti-gray ham

Seen a man?
Squid in the spring

Visqueen rustles
Flapping in the wind
That rock moved
Oh, it's a dog.

Candle wax drips
Only when hot
Burns my skin
Wait, that's not mine

Take the cheese
Take it all
Chewing, chewing
I should wear boots.

"Hey, Dad, what do you think about your son now?"
Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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