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Re: [at-l] New uses for used stuff?

>>> <goinggoinggone@webtv.net> 03/27/00 05:16PM >>>how to use everyday type articles to enhance our hiking enjoyment and affordability? 

### The Sloetoe stab:
1) Not exactly detritus, but a $15.00 fleece blankie safety-pinned to a $5.00 sleeping bag liner makes a passable 1 lb. summer bag inside a bivy. 
2) That shower curtain, with $1.00' worth of 'squito netting, would make a dandy bivy, too, I bet. Not to mention Tyvek. 
3) Citrus bags (liteweight mesh, w/draw string) make great stuff sacks for $5.00/piece, but come complete with  5 lb.s of fruit. 
4) And some people cut them up (eek!) to make ultralite pot scrubbies. 
5) Ubiquitous liteweight beveredge containers, instead of the stronger than steel lucite Nalgenes. 
6) CoolMax crew athletics socks for $10/pop Smar-thors liner socks. 

Orawg. I'm tapped out.

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