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[at-l] Need Ride to The Place Cleanup

Can anyone assist in giving a ride to Graham so he can attend The Place
John O

>I thought of attending and helping out, but I have one small problem.
>I am located in King of Prussia, PA (~40 minutes NW of Philadelphia)
>and I do not own a car.  If you know of any one passing through this
>way to get there, I will be glad to pay for gas to and fro.
>Graham L. Mehl                       E-mail: mehl@erols.com
>Application Software Eng.       E-Mail: graham.l.mehl@lmco.com
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>URL: http://www.trailstone.com/
>Genealogical Researching: Covello, Fetzer, Mehl, Westphal, Simpson
>DaRedhead@aol.com wrote:
>> I was asked to pass this along to the list - we still need more
volunteers to
>> help this weekend with the cleanup at The Place.  If there is any way
you can
>> make it, it would be much appreciated.  If we don't get some raised hands,
>> I'm going to start just picking people at random . . . <vbg>
>> The Redhead
>> Hi AT friends,
>> >>
>> >>Wanted to let u know about the following (PLS SPREAD THE WORD):
>> >>March 31-April 2 - April Fools Cleanup Weekend at "The Place" in
>> >>Virginia. Damascus United Methodist Church is seeking volunteers to help
>> >>spruce up the interior of the hiker hostel "The Place." Materials will be
>> >>supplied. Please e-mail John O'Mahoney
<mailto:johno@mail.monmouth.com> if
>> >>you plan to attend or have questions.
>> >>
>> >>Please pass this msg on to any hikers that u have contact with...
>> >>See ya there...
>> >>
>> >>Also u may see many other AT-related events at:
>> >>http://www.atconf.org/fests.html
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